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FOCUS: Community Service, Human Services, Arts & Culture

The women of Coosaw Creek Women’s Club are committed to supporting our community since our founding in 1999.  Our goal is to help build and maintain a successful and safe community.  Through our charitable giving program, we support many non-profit organizations to enhance the overall quality of life in our community.  The following website may help you in your search for a non-profit that inspires you:

The CCWC members present and vote on the charity/charities of choice to support each year at our member’s meeting on the first Monday in March at the clubhouse. Submissions must be received by the designated CCWC board member no later than 1 week before the March Meeting.

If you are interested in submitting a charity, follow this link to find the Charity Guidelines


At our March 3, 2014 member’s meeting, we voted for two primary charities we will support in 2014. They are:

The Charleston Animal Society

The Charleston Animal Society’s mission has been the same for 139 years– preventing cruelty to animals. Funding will be used to support a large-scale spay/neuter program, a free roaming cat initiative, educational outreach programs that teach our children to be humanitarians and a food bank for pets that helped 900 families last year. They also work with police, prosecutors and lawmakers to make sure animal cruelty laws are enforced and made stronger. They have asked specifically for CCWC to hold a Baby Shower for support of their puppies and kittens. We will do this at our meeting May 5, 2014.

Katie’s Krops

Katie’s Krops’ mission is to help end hunger, one vegetable garden at a time. The funding will be used for the gardens and meals for families in need. The people they serve are individuals who are homeless, families with children who are food insecure, senior citizens and disabled individuals on fixed incomes. This was also one of our chosen charities in 2012.
Three other charities were nominated by the membership:
-Keeper of the Wild ( , “Preserving South Carolina’s Wildlife”),
-The First Tee of Greater Charleston (, “Provides young people with character building and life skills lessons using golf as the platform”), and
-St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (, “Finding Cures. Saving Lives”).
All of these organizations perform valuable services to the Charleston area community and are worthy of our support.

Spirit Night May 15, 2013 - a CCWC Fundraising event


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2013 Charities were The Alzheimer's Association and LowCountry AIDS Services. Brief write ups of their goals are featured here.

Alzheimer's Association logo


Today 1 in 3 people are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and in 5 years they are gone.  There is nothing you can do about it.  It may be your mother, father, grandmother, neighbor, or your best friend.  It may be you. 5.3 million people have Alzheimer’s disease. It is the 7th leading cause of death. Every 70 seconds someone develops Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is not a normal part of aging, but increasing age is the greatest risk factor. Therefore, the US can expect a profound increase in the number of individuals with the disease as baby boomers reach their mid-60s. The action you take today may advance a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease;

There are 9.9 million unpaid caregivers; Alzheimer’s and dementia triples healthcare costs for Americans age 65 and older.  148 billion dollars in annual costs; Family members provide care at home for 70% of those with the disease; Deaths from heart disease, stroke, breast and prostate cancers dropped from 2000 to 2006; deaths from Alzheimer's disease increased by 47%. The disease can lead to serious emotional and physical stress on the caregivers. Think of the demands of day-to-day care, changing family roles, and difficult decisions faced by caregivers, family, and friends.  Think of the cost.

The Alzheimer’s Association provides support in the following areas:

      • A Resource rich website
      •  24 /7 toll free help line:  providing information, referrals, and emotional support in multiple languages;
      • A Safe Return 24 hour nationwide identification and support program. 
      • Locally, they provide support groups, education programs for caregivers, family, and friends as well as individual care consultation.
      • A lending library with videos, books and pamphlets.
      • Money for research and clinical trials;
      • Respite care scholarships; giving caregivers needed breaks
      • Advocacy to government, businesses and researcher. Who is going to care for these people?  Where are the geriatricians for this group?  What is the impact on Medicare, Medicaid, and businesses?

Funds received from the CCWC fundraising efforts will primarily remain local, providing a helpline staffed 24/7, respite assistance for families, educational programs, literature, newsletters, support groups, and other services free of charge.  A portion of all money raised goes to support research into the cause of and potential cures for Alzheimer's disease. 







Lowcountry AIDS Services (LAS) is a nonprofit social service agency dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS in the tri county area. Since 1991 they are the only organization in the tri county whose sole purpose is to address the needs of individuals living with HIV/AIDS. The overall goal of the LAS program is to increase the number of individuals living with HIV/AIDS who access health care and adopt a healthy lifestyle to manage their disease and reduce their risk of transmitting HIV. The agency provides case management, support groups, financial assistance, legal services, housing assistance, medical and medication adherence, volunteer services, nutritional support and education, as well as referrals to a strong network of community based services providers. LAS employs a professional staff of 14, and dozens of dedicated volunteers also offer practical and emotional assistance for clients who may not otherwise receive support. Additionally, LAS provides prevention education and outreach programs specifically targeted to at-risk men, women and youth. HIV testing, with pre-counseling and post-counseling, is offered at the agency and at six alternate testing sites throughout the tri county.

According to statistics as of December 2010, 2200 people have been reported living with HIV/AIDS who are residents of the tri county. Not only are these individuals living with an incurable and debilitating illness, they face extensive life challenges. Many are unable to maintain jobs or housing, and have difficulty accessing and adhering to life saving medications.
Funds received from the CCWC fundraising efforts will be used to subsidize a portion of their operating expenses.



The 2012 Charities were:

Begin With Books
: Formed in 2009 is an all volunteer program of the Palmetto Project, Charleston County’s Affiliate of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. The program’s mission is to eliminate access barriers to early childhood literacy by delivering age appropriate books to pre-school children by mail via Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

Begin With Books serves all children meeting age criteria (under 5 years) in designated zip code zones. Gender and ethnicity are not qualifying criteria. This program seeks to eliminate access barriers to early childhood literacy in Charleston County and to improve school readiness (pre-literacy) of children entering the school system. The funding will be used to register children and to purchase and deliver the books.

Katie’s Krops: Katie Stagliano, founder of Katie’s Krops, was only in the 3rd grade when her 1st garden adventure led to her dream of starting and maintaining vegetable gardens then donate the harvest to help feed people in need, as well as to assist and inspire others to do the same. Katie’s Krops now has 5 operating vegetable gardens in the Lowcountry and a 48’x25’ greenhouse. The people they serve are individuals who are homeless, families with children who are food insecure, senior citizens and disabled individuals on fixed incomes.

Katie’s mission is to help end hunger, one vegetable garden at a time. The funding will be used to for the gardens and meals for families in need.

 - 2013 submissions are now being accepted - see guidelines

2012 Charity recipients

Barbara Megorden with the 2012 Charity Recipients -
Katie Stagliano founder of Katie's Krops
and Patty Bennett-Uffelman representing Begin With Books

Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Year - Ellie Sheehan

Volunteer of the Year



The 2011 Charities were:


PAR People Against Rape